About Roni Modimola

Despite facing many trials in his career, Roni remains optimistic about the future of South African comedy. He believes that the industry has grown in leaps and bounds, and he encourages other comedians to move away from material about race unless there is a current issue to address. Roni feels that as black comedians, they hold a mirror to society, and it is important to move on par with the rest of the world.

Roni originally wanted to be a filmmaker and studied directing and scriptwriting, but dropped out and found his way to stand-up comedy. He has since become a regular on the Comedy Express circuit and has appeared on TV shows such as Phat Joe Live, Comedy Showcase, and the Comedy Express Video. Roni has also been included in the Smirnoff International Comedy Festival bill in October 2000.

Roni's self-effacing giggle is one of his unique and irresistible traits, and his material works well for all kinds of cultural frontiers. He is a performer who can be relied on to win over even the trickiest crowd with his philosophical musings, silly wordplays, and good old-fashioned gags that leave the audience begging for more. He is a popular and recognisable comedian who is in high demand by corporate clients.

Overall, Roni Modimola is a talented comedian who has become a major player in the South African comedy scene. He is an engaging performer who can win over any audience with his unique style of comedy, and his popularity is only likely to continue to grow.


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