Comedian and MC

Johannesburg, South Africa.


Talented and Versatile.

South African Comedian.

Roni Modimola Comedian

Roni Modimola's comedic talent has taken him beyond the borders of South Africa, and he has performed in various international comedy festivals, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the New York Comedy Festival.

He has also made television appearances on Comedy Central and BBC's Live at the Apollo, showcasing his unique blend of wit and humour to a global audience.

Roni has become a household name in South Africa and is considered one of the country's most iconic comedians, using his talent to bring laughter to people from all walks of life.

Roni Modimola is a talented and versatile South African comedian, known for his dry but witty style that can win over any audience. He has risen to become one of the fastest rising stars in the country's comedy scene and is popular at all kinds of functions, from corporate events to clubs and birthdays.

He has performed at major comedy venues across the country and is widely recognised for his comedic talent.

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