About Roni Modimola

Roni Modimola

Roni Modimola’s fits perfectly into the South African market of comedy with such a huge variety of different people. Roni Modimola can charm any audience with his wit.

Roni Modimola is one of South Africa’s fastest rising superstars in the comedy field. Because of Roni Modimola’s vast variety of comedy he is perfectly suited for any type of function including corporate, birthday parties, clubs and many more. Roni Modimola is a regular at major comedy venues across the country.

Despite all the trials, he believes South African comedy is moving in the right direction.“It was in high school when I noticed that perhaps I was funny. I realised this just from people and the company that I kept. I witnessed the impact I had on them,” Modimola explained, adding that it was, however, not easy trying to do comedy in the ’90s as a black man.

“However, comedians could ease up on the material about race. “The industry has grown in leaps and bounds.“It’s something we can move away from, unless there is a current issue on it,” he pointed out.

“As black comedians, we kind of hold a mirror for society, hence we need to move on par with the rest of the world.”“Wanting to be in the film industry is what inclined me to finally do comedy,” he said.

Initially, Modimola wanted to be a film-maker and studied directing and script-writing, but later dropped out and speedily became a familiar face on the stand-up comedy circuit in the 1990s.“I used to watch a lot of sitcoms and wanted to be a part of the behind the scenes aspect of them, but it was difficult to get into film coming from a previously disadvantaged background, so I found out about comedy and jumped in.”

The comedian said “film is a dream that still needs to be realised.”